Jan Polk Original Oil Paintings, note cards, limited edition prints and book A Year of Good Manners by Margery Sinclair, GAFC, AYOGM, Painter of the GAFC

L.A.C.Day 4/15

Flag of the United States of America
Since 2002, we at JanPolk.com  have celebrated

L.A.C. Day - April 15 - Law Abiding Citizens Day

This is a day to celebrate our American Heritage, our common bonds and how much we are alike.  
We each want to be treated with respect. We each want to live in freedom, peace and harmony.

It is the honorable, civilized, law abiding citizen that is the backbone of our great country.
Each of us is an important part of the United States of America.  Without honorable, civilized
law abiding citizens, our country would disolve into rude and ruthless citizens under military
control or dictatorships.  We come in all sizes, ages, colors, sexes, health, wealth, educations, occupations,
religious and political affiliations.  We are one in that we enjoy living together in peace and unity.
We don't have to like each other in order to respect each other.  It is called being civilized, not being

Enjoy our freedoms granted by our Constitution and only possible because We The People
are honorable, civilized, law abiding citizens!   Thank you for being one!

United We Stand - Divided We Fall

In God We Trust

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