Jan Polk Original Oil Paintings, note cards, limited edition prints and book A Year of Good Manners by Margery Sinclair, GAFC, AYOGM, Painter of the GAFC

L.A.C.Day 4/15

Flag of the United States of America
Since 2002, we at JanPolk.com  have celebrated

L.A.C. Day - April 15 - Law-Abiding Citizens Day

An Honorable, civilized, law-abiding citizen will not commit  a crime
even when the opportunity presents itself!

Being an honorable person is a personal choice each one of us makes. It is the most important
power we each have. No amount of laws can create honorable people; however, honorable people
can create good laws which apply equally to all our citizens.

This is a day to celebrate our American Heritage, our common bonds and how much we are alike.  
We each want to be treated with respect. We each want to live in freedom, peace and safety.

It is the honorable, civilized, law-abiding citizen that is the backbone of our great country. WE THE PEOPLE
are the eyes and the ears of our country and we are there before the police arrive because we do not live in
a police state. As free, independent people, WE THE PEOPLE are also prepared  to defend ourselves, our families,
our property, our community, and our country.

Each of us is an important part of the United States of America.  Without honorable, civilized,
law-abiding citizens, our country would dissolve into rude and ruthless citizens under military
control or dictatorships.  WE THE PEOPLE come in all sizes, ages, colors, sexes, health, wealth,
education levels, occupations, religious and political affiliations.  WE THE PEOPLE are one in that
we enjoy living together in peace and safety.  We don't have to "like" each other in order to respect
each other.  It is called being civilized...not being phony.

Enjoy our freedoms guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution  (The Rule of Law) and only possible because
We The People are honorable, civilized, law-abiding citizens!  We obey, enforce and protect our US Constitution
at all costs.

If you are an honorable, civilized, law-abiding citizen......you are enough!!! 
Income level  does not determine your worth to our country.
If you are not honest, nothing else matters!

WE THE PEOPLE are the strength of our country, not the government.  There would not be a drug problem if people
treated themselves with respect and stopped using illegal drugs. It is obvious the government cannot or will not
stop this problem. It is up to We The People to take back our power over our own lives.

Thank you for being an honorable, civilized, law abiding citizen!  Good Character does matter.

United We Stand - Divided We Fall

In God We Trust

 In a civilized society, here are the most basic civic duties expected of each and every citizen, ill or not.

1) Respect and protect life: your own and others.

2) Be Honest or nothing else matters.

3) Be a clean, healthy, safe person to be around.

4) Do no harm to others, especially those who are smaller, weaker and younger.

5) Make others feel safe, respected and comfortable.

6) Maintain composure when displeased.

7) Do not yell at others, especially family members.

8) Know how to protect yourself, your family, your property, your community, and your country.

9) If it is not yours, ask permission to use it. 

10) If you break it, fix it or pay someone to fix it for you.

11) Keep your word.

12) Do not enter private property until you have been invited.

13) Thank people for favors, gifts and hospitality.

14) Obey the laws and change the ones that are not fair to all our citizens.

15) Know the US Constitution and protect it.  This is our Rule of Law which guarantees the same rights equally

to all our citizens and allows us to protect ourselves from oppressive governments including our own.

16) If you can help, and it takes less than 60 seconds, do it.  Example, if someone is struggling to open a door,

help them (either open it or hold it for them).

17) Social Graces are our common bonds.  Good Manners are flexible and reasonable.  If someone is using good manners

to intimidate you, they are using them wrong.  Good Manners have nothing to do with how much money you have or do not have.

18) Good Manners make life easier for yourself by putting a check on your own bad behavior.

19) Laws authorize the Police to remove harmful people from civilized society, so we don’t have to. The Police cannot do

anything until a crime has been committed; however, We The People are always there before the authorities arrive because

we do not live in a Police state. We are free, independent people and we want to stay that way. We The People are the eyes,

the ears and the backbone of our free country.

20) Nothing is free; someone pays for it. Be appreciative.

21) Honorable, civilized, law-abiding citizens do not commit crimes even when the opportunity presents itself!

22) Good Manners create confidence, good self-esteem, common sense, and the ability to make good decisions on your own.

23) Good Manners = Good Decisions

24) May you always be treated with the same respect you show others. There is no requirement to "like" someone

in order to show them respect. It is called civilized behavior.

If you want to remain a free and independent citizen and have a say in who your government officials are, you have an obligation to know our US Constitution inside and out and to protect it at all costs. This is the document that gives you the right to protect yourself, your family, your property and your country.  This is the law of our land. We don't have to like each other but we do have to treat each other with respect until we prove we are not safe to be around. Along with freedom comes Civic Duties to behave as an honorable, civilized, law abiding citizen.

Pledge of Allegiance:   I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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