Jan Polk Original Oil Paintings, note cards, limited edition prints and book A Year of Good Manners by Margery Sinclair, GAFC, AYOGM, Painter of the GAFC



“A Year of Good Manners" has been an invaluable resource for me as a young professional.
The daily etiquette tips are quick to read and easy to implement right away. A number of the
tips I learned saved me from making embarrassing mistakes while establishing myself early in
my career. I highly recommend this book for those interested in presenting themselves
confidently and with an air of refinement in any situation. You’ll be able to enjoy the teachings
for years to come.”

Drew  S.  Certified Business Coach


It's so thoughtful! “A Year of Good Manners” by Margery Sinclair. Not only do I wish I had long
ago discovered this perpetual calendar for recording important dates (before I missed those
important dates), but I wish I had met Margery long before now. She is a treasure of information
on etiquette and fashion and a great human being.  The book is Margery's wisdom with
Jan Polk’s GAFC “respect series”original paintings. 

Mary Sheehan Warren


"I love the note cards.  Will have a hard time parting with them, they are so lovely."

Anne White


“This charming book, written by Margery Sinclair with artist Jan Polk’s GAFC “respect series”
original paintings, would be a great gift and reminder to our e-society to step back into
manners who know no time boundaries. It is truly a beautiful book."

Kate Hall


"I absolutely love the book!!! I read it for whole way home. Thanks!!"

Patty Clark Budnik 


"I love your notecards. They are beautiful."

Willa Johnson 


“I had bought a pack of your Peony Flower Note Cards at the Flower Show this Year.  I've enjoyed
very much using them for "Special Notes" to friends. Thank You Very Much for the "Instant Delivery"
of my online order!  I was amazed when I arrived home after 4 this afternoon, to see it at my door.
Along with using a couple myself for special notes to friends, I'm EXCITED about Gifting Friends.”

Joanna L.


 "Jan, I hope and trust that sales of your highly successful book on manners will continue to climb. 
While I have this opportunity, I want to express how much I enjoy your art.  As an illustrator for
over thirty years, I appreciate your talent!"

Dr. Robert T. Rhode
Professor of English/Author Northern Kentucky University


"My cousin just arrived home and called to tell me how much she loves the vineyard painting you did
in our living room.  Raved and raved and raved…which reminded me to write you immediately!  I've
bought your note cards nearly every year since they were available, and can attest to their quality. 
Truly a beautiful gift, and a great stocking stuffer."

Anne W.


"Jan. I love your beautiful paintings! And your manners book sounds like an important tool and
would make a great graduation/new job/Bat Mitzvah or similar gift."

Janice Phelps Williams Lucky Press, LLC


"Loving my painting more n more. I really think it is a living entity."

 Karen Owen


"I love ALL your oils. You have such a talent. The colors are so vibrant."

Tammy Bravo


"I received your book today and love it!  It is a fantastic collaboration of art
and inspiration for better living."

Vicki McCoy

"Jan Polk  recently provided a fabulous exhibit at Campbell County Public Library's Art
After hours in July, 2011.   Not only is she a talented artist, she has a very unique gift of
interacting with others in order to effectively share her passion for the arts. Her artwork
is beautifully captured in "A Year of Good Manners" and in the vivid note cards she has produced."

Janet Arno
Campbell County Public Library


"As a teenager, I always felt I needed to know something else but didn’t know what.  Now I know!
It is all in “A Year of Good Manners” by Margery Sinclair.   I love this book!!  Margery uses a sense
of humor to convey very important information for our family, school, social and business lives. She
also gives a reason to use each of the 365 tips!  When the reasons change it is time for the rules to
change. Empowering information.

Jan Polk
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